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About Everyday Grace

Hi, my name is Tom Corcoran and I’m calling this blog Everyday Grace.  Most of you who are reading this know me but for those who don’t, I’m a former missionary living in Apex NC.  Well, actually, I should say I am a former full time missionary.  All of us as Christians never cease to be missionaries whether we like it or not.  The only choices we have to make are where do we serve and what type of missionary do we want to be.

We Christians often get a lot of bad press in this world.  Polls consistently show that we are known more by what we are against than by who we are for.  Sometimes that press is unfair but sometimes we bring it on ourselves by getting too focused on issues and not enough on the  issue, bringing Jesus to a world that does not know him.  For the last six years I’ve lived pretty steadily in the company of those I’d call hardcore unsaved.  In this time I’ve become convinced that a consistent demonstration of grace is the cornerstone for our efforts to tell the world about Jesus.

This blog will consist of posts of random thoughts on how we can show a world hungry for grace (although they often can not identify that hunger) that it is available and we can show them how they can have it.  The posts will be topical and may include examples of grace and what I’d call ungrace with commentary from me.

We hear a lot about the “culture wars” in our world today.  This blog will advocate that, as we enter this war, we not join the artillery to fire verbal canons at the enemy but be willing to be spies and go behind the lines and sabotage  resistance to Christ through consistent demonstration of His love.

  1. Sierra permalink

    Nice to “meet” you. I just read a beautiful blog post comment you left on JoyInTheJourney, and came here to add you to my feed. I am a Christian, but one who has become increasingly frustrated with my brothers and sisters in Christ who, (to use your words) are more focused on winning the war, than winning souls. Bless you for encouraging those of us who are tempted just to fade away from the church because we feel helpless to stop the tide of “us vs. them” thinking and dealing with those who feel morally justified to assassinate the character of anyone we don’t agree with. Especially the President. The Republican party has already lost me. I’ve got one foot out the door of the church. I am exactly who you are blogging about (I think).

  2. The only way to make anyone wish to become a Christian is to demonstrate the value of being/behaving like one — fighting for social justice, not finger-wagging at the “unchurched.”

  3. I don’t know how you feel about awards, but I’m giving you The Dragon’s Loyalty Award. You have become one my favorite bloggers, since I first stumbled across this blog. Blessings to you!

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