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Is it just me?

April 27, 2017

Well, someone who I had thought was a friend just sent me two links that has me wondering if he really likes me.

The first is an article by somebody named Riley Dennis entitled “Are genital preferences transphobic?”  My never having heard of Ms. Dennis, who is, no doubt, an earnest young woman eager to help us all, probably says more about my being hopelessly out of touch than it does about her.  I dutifully read the article which is apparently one of many Ms. Dennis has written to help us navigate the sexual universe without being judgmental.  I did discover that I have a near-hopeless case of cissexism and the very fact I have no what that means tells me I am a bad person.

But the second link was even more interesting.  It was from some kind of a Netflix based show called “Bill Nye Saves the World.” which once again I have never heard of, although – frankly – if I was going to choose someone to save the world Mr. Nye is not high on my list.   Anyway, the clip sent to me was of a song and dance from the show entitled “My Sex Junk.”  It was an upbeat, preachy little tune that told me in no uncertain terms that I had no business judging how, when and with whom she, err, used the aforementioned junk.  Okay.

I guess my primary puzzlement came from the clear, if unspoken, message that now, after thousands of years, these heroic young people have had an Aha! moment that will lead us out of centuries of sexual ignorance.  They seem blissfully unaware that sex, in all it’s how, when and with whom glory, has been an obsession of the human race forever.  What is permissible and what is erotic has swung wildly back and forth across cultures and across the centuries.  Frankly, we Christians, in our own way have always been just as obsessed with sex and just as prone to preachy lectures on it as these young people and Bill Nye.

What surprised me however was that, as a slogged through the article and the video, my primary reaction was not shock or dismay but rather was how boring they made the subject of sex sound.  There was no mystery, no sizzle; just a sort of “who cares what, just do it and don’t bother me” tone to their moralizing message.

Now, I realize that I could sound as if I am moralizing about their moralizing and I don’t want to do that; even as they seem to moralize about what is wrong with my morals.  The foundation of Christianity is that I am a sinner and there is nothing within me that can do anything about that.  But I can’t shake the feeling that as these earnest people blaze the trail toward total sexual freedom they may find, if they ever get there, that it wasn’t worth the trip.


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