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Both Sides Now

February 17, 2017

I saw this tweet last night from conservative commentator Ann Coulter, who considers herself a Christian, following yesterday’s press conference by President Trump:  “Trump is already head of state.  After that press conference, in my eyes, he’s now head of church.”

Responding to this, one Christian writer (admittedly a bit tongue-in-cheek) speculated that the “Left Behind” description of the Antichrist as a “deceitful ruler rising to power who would bridge the longstanding gulf between the United States and Russia, and would get religious people focusing their attention on himself instead of Jesus” fits Trump to  T.

I’m no Left Behind expert or enthusiast and I am not even sure that the antichrist (in the specific singular) can be proven from the Bible but it is odd that two people could come to such diametrically opposite conclusions.

Or maybe not.

I also saw these two post-press conference headlines:

  1. Trump sticks it to partisan press crop
  2. Trump press conference chaotic and full of easily disproven assertions

You could make a solid case to prove that both are right but it might also be that there were two press conferences and I missed one.

But I suspect that the real answer is that people will always read these things through their own biases and preconceived notions.

Except me of course; I am always objective and unbiased.  You probably are too, unless you disagree with me on these or any other issues.


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