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When War Breaks Out

December 16, 2016

Every year about this time war breaks out.  You know the one I mean – the “War on Christmas.”  Bill O’Reilly declared this “war” won a couple of years ago, but this year he has kind of backtracked on that declaration saying that “insurgents remain,” I guess like those WWII Japanese warriors holding out on remote Pacific islands for years.

The American Family Association still seems to be fighting, publishing their annual Naughty of Nice list rating retailers on how well they on how well they “promote and celebrate Christmas.”  While it is kind of funny that they take the title of their list, not from any Biblical story, but from the highly secular ode to Santa, the real humor is in their ratings.  They break retailers down into four categories but then list each category as sort of a ranking within it.  Shockingly, the top retailer in the top class was their own online store.   Who’d have guessed?  Meanwhile, dead last in the worst category was Victoria’s Secret, another shocker.

I hear a lot less about the War on Christmas since I have moved from NC to NY.  Back in NC this seemed like some sort of desperate fight by valiant would-be martyrs fighting the rising tide of evil secularization.  Here in multi-cultural, multi-religious NY everyone seems more relaxed.  We seem to take for granted that everyone is free to celebrate, or not, as they see fit.  There is a manger scene outside our house and another one at a house around the corner and people are fine with it.  When the Christmas lights come on at night many houses are lit up, others are dark, and still others have menorahs, and nobody gets upset.

An interesting part of this year’s war is the inter-church portion of the battle.  Christmas falls on a Sunday and a number of churches, including some prominent ones, aren’t having services that day.  This has not set well with many people.  This guy is really worked up about it.  He disputes the cancellations “as kindly, as gently, and as astutely as I can…” by saying This. Is. Bullcrap.” (Exact wording and emphasis his.)

Meanwhile, there is this other guy defending the choice his church made to cancel services on the 25th.  As part of his defense he points out that they are holding multiple services on Christmas Eve.

So there we have it, Christian warriors.  Forget Victoria’s Secret and Starbucks and all those other enemies of the faith!  Let’s train our theological guns on each other and win this ecclesiastic civil war!  Choose your side!  Don’t worry about that fact that the vast majority of Christians accept that Jesus was not actually born on December 25th.  Don’t worry about the fact that, while Sunday services have long been traditional, Christians in persecuting countries have long held meetings on other days without incurring the wrath of God.  We have a war to fight and nothing defends the faith more than shooting each other in the back!  Sigh.


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