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God Did It?

November 11, 2016

It turns out that Donald Trump was right, the election was rigged all along.  Well, sort of.

According to Michele Bachmann (and David Barton) who, in this clip from the Daystar TV network, point out that the NY Times predictions of who was going to win the election began at 8:30 PM EST to trend toward Trump winning.  This was precisely when Daystar and their merry band of prayer warriors began to pray for God’s man, Trump, to win.

This would indeed have been a miracle, considering that by that time the last vote had already been cast in virtually every swing state.  If she is right God must have changed the previously cast votes in these states, which would certainly qualify as a miracle and/or vote fraud.

Had she said that God had fixed the election before the foundation of the earth I, with my slightly reformed-leaning theology, might have agreed.  I’d probably also agree to the idea that this was when God opened the eyes of the previously blind NY Times.

Bachmann was not the only Christian who said that God had miraculously intervened.  Jim Bakker called Trump’s election the greatest miracle he has ever seen.   Kenneth Copeland rejoiced that he now had a direct line to deliver God’s messages to the President.  With a little research you can find hundreds of other messages of praise to God for his fixing this election Trump’s way.

I am comfortable agreeing that God is in control; that this election was under his sovereign grace.  But this leads to some theological problems.  Did He tip the last two elections toward Obama, even though I’m sure Bachmann wasn’t praying for that?  Was He in full and deliberate control of 9/11?  Superstorm Sandy?  The Newtown killings of elementary school children?  Every single tragic happening in all our lives?  I don’t know how to answer those questions and neither does Bachmann.

Are you happy that Trump was elected?  Fine; then pray for him.  Are you a Christian who is concerned that Trump shows personal characteristics that would disqualify him from running for your local school board?  Then pray for him.

But please don’t gloat.  The video above can be seen on several sites.  Almost all of them are strongly left-leaning.  This sort of thing only stokes the fear and hatred others have for us.  Worse yet it makes it seem as if raw political power is something that is important to God.

Here is a thought.  Perhaps the God who told us to turn the other cheek; who urged his followers to go the second mile when they were oppressed; who went meekly to the cross to die for us all, would rather that we, at this time of division, be a people who make the first overtures of peace to those who may well reject it.  Maybe He is giving us a golden moment – not to exercise political power – but to demonstrate to a world that sorely needs it what love and grace really looks like.


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  1. Theodicy is a real bitch, all right.

  2. These people you mentioned above don’t realize how much of a detriment that kind of talk is to the cause of the gospel. In such an divided society, the last thing Christians should do is alienate half of the population by associating ourselves with Trump.

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