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Rising in the polls

August 18, 2016

This morning I saw a news report saying that the new leaders of Trump’s campaign have promised a more relentless attack on Hillary Clinton from now until Election Day.  I am told they need to make this election about Clinton’s personal flaws.  Since the Clinton campaign is already in full gear about Trump’s flaws it seems we are settling into the campaign theme of “No matter how bad I am he/she is worse.”  Oh joy.

Meanwhile, many strongly anti-Clinton Christians are also in full attack mode but their effort is a bit more focused.  As a result it appears that there is one (sort of) poll in which Clinton is rising.  She is now in 4th place in online speculations that she may well be the Antichrist.

To be sure, Obama remains solidly in 1st place.  A search today turned up 822,000 online sites making his case clear.  Doggedly clinging to 2nd place is George Bush with 454,000 sites.  Blocking Clinton’s advance is our 3rd place candidate, Pope Francis with 425,000 sites.  Indeed, with the twin advantages of a long-standing conviction in some quarters that any Pope will do as the Antichrist, and his “help the poor, question the rich, tolerate others unlike us” message he is a powerful candidate.  But Clinton is rising and now is at 374,000.

She does have two obstacles to overcome however.  One is theological, the use of male pronouns in describing the Antichrist.  But I feel quite confident that dispensationalist theologians are working on this obstacle now.

The second, and perhaps more serious, impediment is some confusion among the “Hillary is evil” Christian camp.  A recent online Charisma article entitled “Is Hillary Clinton the Antichrist or an Illuminati Witch?” makes this confusion clear.  The article, which doesn’t seem to give us a “none of the above”option, and comes complete with a charming picture of Clinton with lightning bolts coming from her eyes, examines this dilemma.  Such hard evidence they supply, like her apparently well-known séance communications with the late Eleanor Roosevelt, are examined, although it is unclear which option these communications support.  It was kind of them to point out that Eleanor Roosevelt is dead however in case we didn’t know.

So there you have it.  Until we Christians can solve the “Antichrist vs. witch” controversy it appears Clinton will remain mired in 4th place.  Which is too bad.  You would think that Bush at least was an easy target.

A thought crossed my mind that we might want to confront Clinton on her relentless dissembling when asked about her e-mails and a host of other things; as well as her many political positions we can’t support, but apparently wiser heads then mine have discounted this option as not worth consideration.


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