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Could she be that bad?

July 28, 2016

I saw a poll the other day saying that 79% of evangelicals intend to vote for Donald Trump as President.  Of this group 54% say they are doing so because they feel the need to vote against Hillary Clinton.  54% of us would, apparently, vote for anyone other than Clinton.  I’ve seen article after article where my fellow evangelicals gloomily predict that to elect Clinton would lead to the destruction of America as we know it and frankly I don’t get it.

People who know me know I have been no particular fan of Hillary Clinton for many years.  But as much as I disagree with her current proposals and have had issues with some of her past stances she is clearly no threat to the republic.  This little list makes that clear:

  1. Which candidate calls for the rounding up and deporting millions of people, separating children from their parents?
  2. Which candidate openly insists on violating the religious freedom of one religious group?
  3. Which candidate insists that they will call for the American military to commit war crimes?
  4. Which candidate calls for a cyber attack from Russia?
  5. Which candidate has been openly praised by North Korea and Russia, to say nothing of the KKK?
  6. Which candidate has promised that they will infringe on the separation of powers between the branches of government?
  7. Which candidate says they may not honor treaty agreements with allies?
  8. Which candidate mocks the disabled, uses crude language to denigrate women reporters, and calls for those who dissent to be “the f*** out of here?”

Answer:  Not Hillary Clinton.

Frankly, one characteristic that has not endeared me to Hillary Clinton is the reason I am confident that she will not only not destroy America but will relentlessly work to be a sensational President.  Having studied her for more than 20 years I’ve become convinced that she has more driving ambition than any politician I’ve ever seen.  I don’t think she will be satisfied with a legacy of being “the first woman President.”  I think she wants to go down in history as a great President, one of the best.

Her ambition will make her avoid the constitutional crises Trump all but promises; make her eager to form strong alliances; drive her to do everything in her power to thwart terror attacks.  She may not be the person I’d most like to see as President but she is not the one that gives me the “will destroy America as we know it” chills.

Clinton, I am sure, wants to be President so she can go down in history as one of the greats.  I don’t have to like her or her policies to know that she will do all in her power to meet that goal.


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