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My First Amendment Rights

March 24, 2016

Well, yesterday my soon-to-be ex-state,North Carolina, passed the most restrictive law limiting LGBT rights in America.  It all started when Charlotte passed an ordinance saying that transgender people could use the public restroom of the gender they identify with.  (With which they identify?)  This set off a firestorm of protests,largely run by evangelicals,explaining the risk we are placing our wives and daughters in – now molesters can dress like women and sneak into public restrooms and do horrible things.  Never mind that in the over 200 cities and jurisdictions that have passed similar laws this has never happened this,I was told, has to stop.

So our dutiful legislators held an (expensive) special session and went to work.  Not content with just a restroom law, I’ve now been given, in the name of religious freedom, the right to act like a jerk to anyone who’s life offends my religious sensibilities.  We are not just talking about baking cakes for gay weddings, this broadly written law pretty much let’s me deny services of any kind or a job to LGBT people.  Frankly, it doesn’t stop there.  If I  decide my faith calls me to deny services to green-eyed eyed people I can.

Meanwhile,out on the presidential campaign trail Ted Cruz says we should have “Muslim communities” watched by the authorities because they are Muslims.  He seems unconcerned about their religious freedom and quite willing to toss out the First Amendment on this issue.  A poll today says 67% of North Carolinians agree with him.

Apparently First Amendment rights are only sacred when I agree with them.  In this Holy Week I can almost hear Jesus saying “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”  The only problem is he’d be talking about us.





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