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Yet Another Immigration Problem?

March 2, 2016

I’ve always wanted to write a novel, mainly because the weird ideas that flow through my head often bear little relationship to reality.  What stops me however is my inability, no matter how weird my thoughts may be, to come up with fiction that is crazier than some of what I see in the news,and no,I am not talking about the race for President although that too may qualify.

This morning I saw an article by Phyllis Schlafy, the looooong time (she is 91) head of the Eagle Forum, a conservative and largely Christian group, chiming in on what she sees as a nefarious conspiracy to undermine our great country through the bringing in of immigrants who are “cheaper and easier to control” than red-blooded Americans.  The heart of her tirade is worth quoting directly:

“The best baseball players today are American-born. All six of the six recipients of the top awards this past season are native born American, but more than a quarter of Major League Baseball players are foreign-born, with whom our youth are less likely to identify. Some of these players cannot speak English and they did not rise through the ranks of Little League. These foreign-born players enter on visas and take positions that should go to American players. Fewer than four percent of the Baseball Hall of Fame is foreign-born, yet 27 percent of today’s players are foreign-born.

“This foreign influx into our National Pastime may help explain why our youth is abandoning baseball. Youth who play baseball have declined by more than 40 percent since 2000, and some communities where baseball was once booming now struggle to fill their teams. Television ratings for World Series games are less than half what they were three decades ago.

“Baseball owners are doing the same thing that big corporations do: Bring in foreign labor to take jobs that ought to go to Americans. American baseball players are better, as the awards and Hall of Fame prove, but perhaps baseball owners think that foreign players are cheaper and easier to control.

“It is time to cut off visas for foreign baseball players, and return our national pastime to Americans.”

The urge to write a sarcastic article on her piece is strong but I can’t think of anything that would make her comments look stupider than her actual words.  If you think of any feel free to leave a comment.

I guess my only take-away is that I am sure I look just as foolish to God and yet He loves me (and Phyllis Schlafy) anyway.


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  1. Hmmm. . . the 2015 AL rookie of the year was born in Puerto Rico. The 2015 World Series MVP was born in Venezuela. The ALCS MVP was born in Venezuela. More than half of the 2015 AL Gold Glove winners were not American-born. 2 NL Gold Glove winners were not American-born. 6 of the Silver Sluggers were not American-born. Methinks Ms. Schlafy needs to do better research before proclaiming “white power.”

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