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Some things I’ve learned…

January 16, 2016

…from Christian movies.

Last week my wife and I held a short “Christian movie film festival.”  We had just gotten an Amazon Fire Stick that turned our fairly dumb TV into a smart TV and, as part of that transformation, we discovered a cache of heretofore unknown, to us at least, Christian movies.  We’ve watched several of these low budget efforts and found them to be interesting, if occasionally unintentionally comical.  We did notice a pattern though.  There were some common themes in all the movies we watched; things that they assumed and clearly taught:

  1.  Non-Christians are all angry, despairing, bitter or desperately unhappy. A few seem to exhibit different combinations of those traits or even have all of them.
  2. Christians on the other hand are kind, thoughtful and loving in spite of the anger directed at them by non-Christians. Indeed, most of them were all but perfect, including a demonstration of near-perfect humility by declaring that they were not perfect in spite of the fact that they obviously were.
  3. Churches are blissful assemblies of caring people who love and serve each other selflessly and are under the direction of all-wise and gracious pastors. Dissent and disharmony is never found in churches.
  4. All it takes to get non-Christians to give up years of anger, despair, bitterness and unhappiness is to give some gentle heart-felt advice that they ought to give up their anger, despair, bitterness and unhappiness and turn to Jesus.

If I am to assume these movies are right (And they wouldn’t produce them if they weren’t, would they?) it appears that evangelism is a lot easier than I had thought.  I’ve been working on the assumption that non-Christians are often quite content, even happy.  I also never knew that they were all alike; I’ve been treating them as individuals.  No wonder I am such a miserable evangelist.

Who knew?


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  1. Don’t forget:
    5.) All stereotypes of people are true. People are exactly what they seem. They don’t have complex phobias or trauma from abuse to deal with.
    6.) The secret to a happy marriage is to manipulate your spouse every day until it’s a habit.
    7.) The other secret to a happy marriage is to pray (that the manipulation works).
    8.) Single Christians don’t exist, so there’s no need to make a movie about them unless it’s about them dating and getting married.
    There are probably dozens more of them when it’s all carefully considered, the implications, the teachings, the God that conveniently obeys the main characters and never lets them down.

  2. Good additions! You are right, we could probably add more too.

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