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January 9, 2016

I’ve been up in New York the past few days doing some in-depth consultation on family matters so I’ve not had time to do blogging so I thought I might share just a few things others are writing.

First up is John Piper with an older post that has made recent news thanks to the pending $800 million dollar Power Ball tonight.  Here is his reasoning as to why Christians should not be buying lottery tickets.  I agree with six of them and am not sure I understand the other because I don’t exactly know what “spiritual suicide” is.  I’ve got a friend who says that the lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math and I tend to agree with him.

Then there is this uplifting story about a Muslim family going out to dinner on Christmas Eve.  They were nervous, for which I can hardly blame them, to be out on such a day but got a real surprise when someone anonymously paid their bill.  You can see the message on the receipt at the link.  Sadly, there were some follow-up Facebook posts that were not so heartwarming but I’m happy to see they were the minority.

Next is the 92 page article from Texas Governor Greg Abbott proposing the “Texas Plan” with nine constitutional amendments intended to keep those nasty Supreme Court justices and even nastier “unelected bureaucrats” from ruining our country even more than they already have.  His faith in the near godlike wisdom of our founding fathers could, with a few minor word changes, sound eerily like the arguments we evangelicals use defending the inerrancy of Scripture.

Finally, I had my choice of dozens of reactions to Wheaton College’s decision to go ahead and terminate tenured professor Dr. Larycia Hawkins for her attempt to stand in solidarity to her “Muslim sisters” who, she said, worship the same God.  I had my choice of articles both supporting and disagreeing with their stance.  A few were thoughtful; many more were horrible, mean-spirited and hate-filled.  Instead I am linking to the article by the President of the other Wheaton in Massachusetts whose institution was caught up in the in the outrage.  Many were willing to express that outrage on any Wheaton.  His wise analysis of the “reckless incivility” of our culture is brilliant.  If you read none of the above, read that one.  This is my favorite quote:

“In our nation’s public K-through-12 schools, educators offer programs for students to combat the bullying that marginalizes those who are different in some way. Yet we continue to tolerate and sometimes cheer this type of behavior as adults. It’s time to demand better from each other.

It is up to each of us to revive and advance the once-respected notion that it is unacceptable for members of a civil society to rage with unbridled hostility against others, even if they are expressing viewpoints with which we strongly disagree.”


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