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Meanwhile, North of the Border

November 26, 2015

Yesterday I read this article where Texas Governor Greg Abbott took steps to protect the citizens of the great state of Texas by threatening retaliation on humanitarian organizations in his state that dare to assist Syrian refugees.    They have until tomorrow to comply.  The order does not explicitly say what the “or else” is but it is generally assumed that there would be some sort of financial or legal punishment.  The article speculates that blocking or withholding funding would be the primary tool.

Interestingly, since several of these organizations are Christian and believe that helping poor aliens among us is part of their faith, this may well be the first documented case where governmental persecution or oppression of Christians trying to practice their faith in our country is actually taking place.  Who would have thought that deeply red-state Texas would lead the way in such things?  Oddly, none of the persecution watchdogs who scour our land for the tiniest sign that Christians are being mistreated have protested the Governor’s edict.  Perhaps they are too busy hunting through the blue states for evil.

It is reported that there are already about 120 Syrian refugees resettled in Texas.  It is unclear at this time whether Abbott agrees with Donald Trump who said that we should round all of them up and send them back.  Maybe Abbott will figure out what to do with the ones he already has after he stops those pesky Christians from trying to help them.

Meanwhile, north of the border, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced plans to bring in 25,000 refugees and hopes to have them identified by year-end.  He reports that all ten provincial premiers agree with the plan.  One agreed, saying “There was no one sitting at the table that is not interested in seeing refugees come.”  This is particularly interesting in that, according to refugee organizations, Canada is second only to Germany in the number of refugees they have already accepted.

I’m not sure what Abbott, no doubt fretting about the 120 he already has, or any of his 30 or so hand-wringing fellow-governors, are going to do about those cheeky Canadians.  After all, the U.S. and Canada have one of the longest borders in the world and vast stretches of it are essentially unguarded.  Maybe he should ask Donald Trump to build another wall and get the Canadians to pay for it.

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