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A Sensible Voice

October 13, 2015

This week my sister and her husband are visiting us; their first trip “down south” in six years.  As a result my blogging may be a bit sparse.  I did however find an interesting article that is one of the most rational and clear-thinking pieces I have read about the reactions Americans have to the fact that same sex marriage is now the law of the land.  No matter what your views on the subject it is well worth the time to follow the link.

For evangelicals there is some good news in the article, as well as some points we need to deeply ponder.  The good news is that the author, in his survey, found little or no evidence that evangelicals are haters.  Expecting perhaps to find us angry he found that “what emerged in our conversations was a central shared belief that we are all sinners, we have no right to distinguish one sin from another, and God wants all of us to repent.”

Yep, that is what we have been saying.  But the news is not all to our liking.  In his kind and grace-filled way he also makes many points that should make us think and do some self-evaluation.  In particular there are these two:

  • How do we see the world around us?
  • The second is a bit harder. When we express our “straight forward biblical views” (My words, not the author’s.) why are we continually seen in ways that we are sure do not reflect who we really are?  Why do they not see us as the quote above shows we see ourselves?

I hope to come back with some thoughts on this in a few days but I would like to hear yours.


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