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I Wish I Had Said That…

November 29, 2014

There are times when someone says something so profoundly true and eloquent that I wish I had said it.  I’ve watched, heartbroken, and pondered the events in Ferguson since August.  I now find that Peter Chin at Christianity Today has said something so deep, chilling and ,yes, convicting, that it awes me.  He makes the connection between the issues of race and violence in a special way.  The line of his article that impacted me the most is this:

“Yes, Ferguson is about racism and inequality and crime. But these conditions and sins exist in every person and every nation in the world. What sets our nation apart from others is how frequently we resort to violence in response to racism and inequality and crime. We use violence to perpetrate crime and to protest inequality, and violence to police crime and to end protest. So our problem is not just racism. It is that racism and violence continuously reinforce and exacerbate one another, making healing and progress an impossibility.”

His article is troubling to Christians who are flag-waving Americans; who don’t like to admit that perhaps our country has a fairly unique problem.  This is particularly true as he points a finger at a failure of the church to be a prophetic voice.

But it is well worth reading.  I urge you to read the whole article here.


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