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September 16, 2014

If there is a good rule of thumb when you are debating controversial issues it would be never mock the other side unless you are 100% sure they can’t stuff your mocking down your throat.  Or in other words, be sure they can’t produce evidence that mocks your mockery.  It seems that Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort need to be careful right now because there is a long list of people ready, willing and able to start stuffing.

Some years ago Cameron and Comfort produced a short video mocking evolution.  It is kind of funny and you can see it here.  The essence of their mocking is the creature they called a Croc-O-Duck.  If evolution was true they mocked, and if missing links are essential to the theory, why can’t we find any croc-o-ducks, half crocodile, half duck?

There has been a push-back battle conducted by many evolutionists to this video.  You can see some of  it on Wikipedia.  But this push back had none of the clever staging as the Cameron video and was conducted, for most of us, away from public attention.  As such, Cameron’s “mock the croc-o-duck” plan has been working well.

But now, uh-oh, comes the Fox News article entitled First swimming dinosaur was “half duck, half crocodile”.  Fox News is hardly a mouthpiece for evolutionary propaganda.  Is it possible that Cameron’s challenge has been met?  Or can we expect Cameron and Comfort to come forward and, drawing on their expertise in paleontology, offer an insightful rebuttal proving the scientists are wrong?

What are the lessons in this for Christians?  Here are a few:

  • There is nothing gracious about mockery. We, of all people, need to be living testimonies to what a grace-filled life looks like.
  • Don’t pick battles on non-essentials. Whether there is, or is not, a croc-o-duck has no bearing whatsoever on the Gospel.
  • We are the last people on earth who should be demanding that “they” produce proof. Our faith is based firmly on a virgin-born savior who died on the cross and rose from the dead.  We aren’t ashamed of that in the least but demanding proofs we don’t offer ourselves is ridiculous.

My message to Cameron and Comfort is this – please spare me from having to deal with any more mocking videos.


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One Comment
  1. Heather permalink

    I’ve much appreciated your bullet-point considerations/lessons.
    Your first point is the one which really caught my attention as I recall my dad once saying that the moment you make your listener angry, is the moment he ceases to listen to you. (My paraphrase)

    The last point also gave me pause as my husband and I have been discussing that the Christian’s “proof” of the existence of God and the truth of the Gospel is in our attitudes behavior as we live among those who mock or dismiss or abuse because of our faith.

    We can get into a lot of trouble when we try to prove that our faith is entirely “rational” while ignoring Paul’s statement that the message of “Christ crucified” is foolishness to many nonbelievers.

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