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Fear-Driven Biblical Interpretation

May 26, 2014

Sometimes I read something that makes me wonder if this guy has been inside my head. If he has,he expresses himself more clearly than I do. I’ve written before about the dangers of overplaying the “slippery slope.” This is what I mean.

The Prodigal Thought

Jonah and the Whale Jan Brueghel the Elder, 1887Evangelicals are passionate about Scripture. It’s foundational to who we are. Well, first and foremost, evangelicals are called to be passionate about the evangel (or gospel) of Christ and his kingdom. But Scripture is still of utmost importance, a strong bedrock in our theological and life formation.

So, it would follow that how we interpret Scripture must become crucial as well. However, biblical interpretation is no easy task…AT ALL. And to champion the perspicuity, or clarity, of Scripture, as most evangelicals do, could cause a bit of confusion if you simply read Scripture itself, as well as the multiplicity of interpretive approaches across the broad scope of 2000 years of Christian church history (I, of course, am referring to the non-heretical interpretations).

I’m currently thinking about this topic (well, I think about it often, though I’m considering it a bit more today) because of some interaction I came across from an acquaintance and his study…

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