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The Good Thing About…

April 18, 2014

…Good Friday is that, whether you observe it or not, you can’t do anything else with it.

Christmas?  It can be turned into Santa, and elves, and presents; all fine stuff I suppose but having little to do with the reasons Christians began to celebrate that occasion.

Thanksgiving?  There is football and turkey and now Black Friday has bled into the day set aside to give thanks.  Once again, I’ve nothing against football, turkey or shopping.  Well, OK, maybe I don’t like shopping all that much.  But in any event the day has morphed into something different.

Easter?  We’ve got bunnies and chicks and colored eggs; there is no need to get focused on that resurrection thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a grump about it all, it is just that those days are easy to bend into something else. But Good Friday?  That is something different.

We’ve not yet discovered anything we can turn that into.  There is no alternative, fun, option to considering Jesus, the Son of God, hanging on the cross.  You can believe in the crucifixion or not; you can interpret what happened and why in different ways, I understand that.

But you can’t make it something else.  You can’t buy cute Good Friday decorations.  You can’t do half price sales in the department store.   You can only take time to ponder it….or not.

Life sort of goes on as normal, but not quite normal.  But if you are a Christian, have been a Christian, or even know some Christians, it is a day you have to either take for what it is, or do your best to ignore it.  And there is no way to turn it into anything else.  It can only be one thing.

Jesus.  The Son of God.  Dying on the Cross.  For me.

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