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A Near Death Suggestion

March 18, 2014

I read yesterday that Fred Phelps, the founder of Westboro Baptist Church, which is famous for enmity to gays and for picketing funerals of soldiers killed in action, might be near death in a hospice – or maybe not, depending on whom you believe.  His son says he is, a spokesman for his church says he is not that bad.

In any event, the report has triggered a certain amount of reaction including, as you might expect variations on “good riddance” from people he has opposed.  Some are even talking about picketing his funeral.  Most Christian reactions have fallen in the category of admonitions to not take pleasure in the (near) death of the wicked.

I have a suggestion on how we may use this time.  What if we all, particularly we Christians, take a good hard look at ourselves and ask the following question:

Is there anything that I am doing, particularly if I am doing it in the name of God, that I need to either repent of or, at the very least, repent of how I am going about it without grace being evident.”

I think it would be cool if someone who spent his life hating in the name of God could be remembered by using this as a time to be more gracious in our faith.


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