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Unanswered Theological Questions

March 17, 2014

I know, I know, the Bible has the answers to all of life’s questions.  It is really wonderful that, as an evangelical, I have life’s answer book in my hands.  And I truly do love to read it.  But there are times when I think I must be the worst Bible-reader in the world.  Now is one of those times.  Here we are at the start of March Madness and I am staring at my empty bracket and loaded with all sorts of questions.

No, I am not praying that God will supernaturally reveal to me a perfect bracket that will let me win $1,000,000,000; although I would not object if he chose to do so.  Instead I am looking for answers to questions like this:

–          How can I be sure that I am as excited about church as I am about some of the games?  Does spiritual excitement look the same as sports excitement?

–          Is sports excitement an affront to Jesus?  To be a good Christian do I need to watch in reverent silence as the game goes on?

–          If, when I look at the opposing team’s center, I think of Goliath does that mean I don’t take the Bible seriously?  Is that true even if I don’t actually wish for him to be felled by a slingshot but just want our guys to dunk over him.

–          Is it OK to secretly hope that the pastor’s sermon doesn’t run too long when my team’s tip-off is 1 PM?  Is it wrong even if I can remember the sermon?

–          What does God think when millions of people are praying for a clutch game-ending free throw?  Does it bother Him when prayers that it be made or missed balance out?

–          Am I sinning if it never occurs to me to say to the unbeliever next to me “If you thought making that 3-pointer was miraculous, you ought to know about the miracles of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Actually I am pretty content to live with theological uncertainty on such matters.  Frankly, I am content to live with uncertainty on matters considerably more weighty.  Reading and studying God’s Word has never seemed like a test to me and I’ve always been able to accept that some things are beyond me.

But I am happy to avoid people who tell me that they have the answers to questions like that.  This is particularly true if they want me to feel guilty about liking March Madness.  Or NASCAR.  Or The Super Bowl.  Or a dozen other non-sports interests.

Is it possible to get too wrapped up in something “worldly?”  I am sure it is.  Am I called to be a worldliness monitor for others?  Probably not.  At best maybe one or two people in my life can and should speak to me about such things.  My wife seems to be ideal for this role.  Why?  Because I am absolutely sure she loves me and wants what is best for me.  If she chooses to admonish me she doesn’t need to tell me if is for my own good, she has a lifetime of proving it.

Is it possible that at March Madness time, or any other time, grace means making sure the other person knows I love them before I admonish them?


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