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Random thoughts on the war

January 11, 2014

Those of you who know me know I am not a big fan of the culture war.  I see it as somewhere between a colossal waste of time and being outright harmful to the advance of the gospel.  I’ve had a bunch of thoughts on this subject and decided to just list them and ask what you think.

  1. When we say “the love of money is the root of all evil” I think we have in mind the Bernie Madoffs of the world.  It’s easy to get a quorum to be against big-time greed, be it individual or corporate.  But what if it also applies to the nearly pervasive tendency for individuals and churches to think that they could solve their problems with a little more money?  Is it possible we are all infected with materialism?
  2. When complementarians say that men and woman are equal but complementary it sounds to me like an echo of “separate but equal.”  For some reason that bothers me.
  3. When the Little Sisters of the Poor refuse to sign the opt-out provision for contraceptive coverage in Obamacare because they say that signing it would “give permission” to allow others to give that coverage to their employees it makes no sense.  Does forcing people who may not agree with us to follow our beliefs in any way sound like a good plan to advance the Gospel?
  4. I tend to think that the Boy Scouts being willing, as of January this year, to accept gay scouts will turn out to be, in spite of cataclysmic predictions, a non-event on the order of Y2K.
  5. In 1914, Dr. Barton C Hurst, speaking on the subject of abortion, made this prediction about 2014:  “We cannot settle the problem and I venture a prophecy that perhaps a century from now this same question may be brought before some future society and debated very much as it is tonight.”    It looks like the Doc got that one right.
  6. We’ve all been told that grace is only grace when it is extended to people who don’t deserve it.  This would make grace about looking at your worst enemy, your harshest critic, or the stranger who hates everything you stand for and saying “I love you” – and then living like you really mean it.  Pretty scandalous, isn’t it?
  7. I sometimes feel that many evangelicals would rather hear a sermon proving the Bible is the inspired Word of God than one inspiring them with the story of redemption in the Word of God.

I know that in the culture war there are stupid things said and done on both sides.  For some reason the ones on “my side” seem to annoy me more?  Why is that?  Perhaps I am too picky.


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  1. Love number 7. Agree 100%.

  2. SomeNobody permalink

    Thank you. You have shown me reason in some measure, and a commitment to divorcing the spread of the word of god from the spread of intolerance and hate. Remember, always:

    Worry not if you incur the hatred of this shouter or that demagogue, because for every loud fool who comes to despise you, four quiet ones will like you the better. And they are often, on inspection, the wiser ones.

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