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Predictions for 2014

January 2, 2014

For the past few days I’ve been reading all sorts of predictions for the coming year.  It seems that a goodly number of people know exactly what is going to happen in international affairs, politics, sports, the financial world and all sorts of things.  I’ve always wondered about people like that.  If anyone had even the slightest clue on, for instance, the financial future why on earth would they run around telling everyone about it?  Why not just quietly place your financial bets and rake in the dough?

But even some Christians are getting in on the act and making predictions for the church.  I’d take these and the others a bit more seriously except I also read an article about failed predictions for 2013 so I suppose I need to take them with a grain of salt.

But I figured “Why not?” and decided to write a few predictions for 2014 myself.  I thought about writing some impossibly vague ones like “Wild weather will disturb parts of the US.” or sure thing ones like “Unrest will plague the Middle East.”  But in the end I chose to try my hand at a few Christian-oriented ones.  I am going to go with five because I am not clever enough to come up with the standard ten.  So, in 2014 we will see:

–          Christians crying religious persecution over any law, policy, decision or action that they disagree with.  As it turns out, in this case the prediction came true within minutes when I read the following from Franklin Graham.  “If we Christians banded together and took a stand, perhaps we wouldn’t be losing so much ground in what the media is calling the “cultural war.” However, it is not a cultural war — it is a religious war against Christians and the biblical truths we stand for.”  As such, I have to modify this to say “even more Christians.”

–          Some Christian celebrity saying something stupid and the internet exploding in howls of protest.  In response, Christians will cry religious persecution.

–          Lawsuits continuing to be filed challenging state laws banning same sex marriage.  In response Christians will cry religious persecution.

–          Somewhere in our country a Christian church, denomination or leader will be accused of abuse of women and/or children.  In response Christians will cry religious persecution.

–          No Christian anywhere in this country being jailed simply because he is a Christian.  There will probably be any number of Christian leaders who will courageously declare they are ready to be jailed for their faith however.

I suppose the only good thing about the prediction business is that a merciful God holds 2014 in His hands and that, no matter how confusing, annoying or even painful the year will be, I can be content to leave it to Him.

Happy New Year.


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One Comment
  1. I wholeheartedly agree with your last paragraph. I also think that your predictions are pretty spot-on. I confess, I got a bit of a laugh, but at the same time, it’s very sad. At one point, I was automatically hiding any Facebook post that mentioned Duck Dynasty, regardless of which side it was coming from. Seriously, is that the most important thing we can find to worry about?

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