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It’s Always Saturday Somewhere

March 30, 2013

Today is the day called “Holy Saturday” in the progression of Holy Week.  I’ve always thought it is the most poignant of the days of Holy Week.  This day doesn’t have the tragic sacrifice of Good Friday or the triumphant celebration of Resurrection Sunday.   It is a day when nothing happens.

I can only imagine what the day must have felt like for the Apostles and the other Christians.  Jesus is in the grave, they are hunted men and women, all their dreams are shattered, all their hopes seem dashed.  No wonder we hear nothing from them.  They have to be dazed, confused and terrified.  It is no wonder Christians mark this day with quiet reflection.  What do you think the disciples’ reaction would have been if we told them that we’ve decided to call this day Holy Saturday?  I suspect they would feel like the title Horrible Saturday was more accurate.

The problem is that even now, on the other side of the cross and the empty tomb, this day still rings true.  It is always such a Saturday somewhere for someone.  There is always a time when we, or those around us, have our versions of Holy/Horrible Saturday.  Each and every day news that seems as devastating to us as the cross did to the believers on that day comes crashing down.

–          The doctor gives us the diagnosis and it is cancer.

–          The beloved parent/spouse/child dies.

–          The word “divorce” hits our marriage.

–          The natural disaster takes our home.

–          The job we depended on ends.

The list could go on and on.  Something happens and suddenly it is Horrible Saturday for us too.  Worse yet, this devastating Saturday can go on and on.  We are shattered physically, emotionally, spiritually, and our world collapses.  We are just as lost as the disciples were.

On that terrible day the world beyond the disciples went about its business as if nothing was wrong.  Few knew and fewer cared that for the disciples the world had turned upside down.  It can be the same for us today.  The world goes on unaware and unaffected.  We ask where God is and why He let this happen and have no answers.

Even the well-meaning words of fellow believers can damage us.  God will never give us more than we can bear.  All things work together for good.  Joy comes in the morning.  We hear them all and they do nothing for us.  All we can see is the endless Saturday.

Holy Saturday wasn’t endless but I am sure it felt endless.  Perhaps the only reflection on this day that means anything to me is to remind myself that I will never figure out what God is doing; that faith is the only hope I have, even when I am in my Saturday somewhere times.  Perhaps my yearning for Resurrection Sunday needs to reflected in every Horrible Saturday moment I have.


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