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Just typical

February 21, 2013

Have you ever wondered what the typical evangelical is like?  How close do you or I come to being typical?  In an era when the term evangelical is under attack and many who had heretofore used that term to describe their beliefs are giving it up, what does the typical evangelical look like?  Well, if we go by statistics, something like this:

–          She is female.  Yes, guys, women not only outnumber us but they greatly outnumber us.

–          She lives in either Africa or China.  As it turns out America is well on its way to being sort of an evangelical backwater.  Our faith is growing, maybe even exploding, globally but shrinking here.

–          She is young, between 26 and 27.  Once again, here in America we worry about how to reach young people and have all kinds of excuses why we don’t do that well but, globally, this is not a problem.

–          She freely gives testimony about her faith, even in countries where doing so may cause her problems.  She would probably find an exhortation on evangelism to be stating the obvious.

–          She is willing to go to great lengths to gather together with other Christians.  This may include walking long distances or hiding the worship service from those who threaten it.

–          She is Pentecostal.  Uh-oh, the less said about that, the better.

–          She is either illiterate or semi-literate.  She would find the resources available to American Christians to be miraculous.

–          She is ignorant of any of the things we say are essential for “Biblical womanhood” or a dozen other hot-button American evangelical issues and would probably regard them as trivial.

I’ve been told over and over how thankful I should be that God has given us freedom in our country to express and live out our faith.  I’ve also been told that freedom is under attack; that I must fight to defend religious liberty.  Never mind that our faith is exploding in many countries where that freedom does not exist, our urgent need is to defend our religious freedom.  Because if we fail then our freedom will be curtailed and, um, and um, uh…

…we might end up like typical evangelicals and see our faith grow in the land?


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