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How about this one?

December 10, 2012

I found this picture online advertising a hot new toy for Christmas.  It is a “Cleaning Trolley” and it has a mop, a broom and nine other cleaning-centric pieces to enable the user to play “clean the house” or even to play “being a minimum wage commercial cleaner. “  To make sure that we all know this is just for girls they made the box, and the trolley, pink and put a picture of a cute little girl happily pushing the trolley on the front.  Clearly they were still unsure if they got their point across so they added a subtle message – “Girls only.”  Here is the picture:


Frankly the whole thing leaves me speechless.  If I find this to be an appallingly sexist stereotype does that make me a feminist?  I can’t for the life of me think of a coherent, grace-filled comment to make.  So I am going to leave it to you.  What do you think ladies?  Or gentlemen?



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  1. Juliana permalink

    Had to look on amazon to read about it myself! Found a more gender-neutral (?) version in reds, blues and yellows but that was $25 more and required 7 C batteries instead of 4. (“More power” don’tchaknow!)

    My comment is a huge eye roll, but I love that it made you speechless.

    • Juliana,
      Wow, a gender-neutral version! Well, at least we can say that the toy industry is in favor of equal pay in the workplace. Boys, as well as girls, can now practice for minimum wage jobs.

  2. Pat Dolwick permalink

    If the Cleaning Trolley sells even a single unit, I think the idea that today’s youth have it better than previous generations will have been fully debunked. I’d rather get socks for Christmas. Or coal.

    Am guessing you’re aware of the EZ-Bake oven story issue as well.

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