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Christmas blogging

December 1, 2012

Well, today is December 1st and, by blogging law, all Christian bloggers are now required to start doing Christmas blog posts.  Although this is “law” there is a lot of grace in it.  We don’t have to talk about Christmas every single day and we pretty much can say anything we want to say about it, just so the subject is Christmas.

–          If we are of the camp that says that the Bible does not command us to celebrate Christmas we can take others to task for daring to do so.

–          If we are of the “pagan roots” camp we can poo-poo all the aspects of this celebration that have the dreaded pagan roots because,  as “everyone” knows, if you have a Christmas tree you are worshipping Satan through it.

–          If Santa horrifies you, go ahead and explain to the rest of us how awful it is if we let our kids believe in him.  I suppose we can add the elf-on-the-shelf to this category too.

–          This is also a good time to do posts with sappy heartwarming reminiscence.

–          Hey, if you want to let your inner Grinch out for a spin this is also a good time for that.

–          Of course, pious “reason-for-the-season” posts never go out of style.

So basically we get to write anything we want, secure in the knowledge that, whatever it is, we can be sure to offend someone.

I have to admit I am already in the mood to do some Christmas posts.  You see, today at my church, Trinity Community Church, we did our decorating of the church for the season and it looks pretty cool I must admit.  You are welcome to stop by some Sunday and worship with us and see for yourself.  If you would like to explain to us how we are doing Christmas all wrong, feel free to explain that to us via e-mail.  We will receive complaining/instructional e-mails from 9 AM to 11 AM on any day that doesn’t end in a “y”.


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