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Hostess Cupcakes

November 17, 2012

I am sure by now you have heard the tragic news that Hostess, the producer of Twinkies and Cupcakes, is going out of business.   After years of struggle with declining sales and being in and out of bankruptcy the management, in a last ditch effort, proposed to the employees that they accept a steep wage cut and loss off benefits to stay on the job.  Workers choose to strike instead and, when not enough employees were willing to accept the deal, Hostess closed for good.  It appears that Twinkies and Hostess Cupcakes will soon be no more.

Commentary on this closing has varied.  I’ve seen people my age writing nostalgic pieces about the loss of these treats from our younger days.  Right wing advocates have called this the work of “parasitic unions” killing jobs.  Not to be outdone, one union leader called it the work of “vulture capitalists” preying on innocent American workers.  So who is right?

The situation is probably more complex than such easy explanations.  Hostess sales have been trending down for years.  Some of that may be the work of healthy eating advocates who, for inexplicable reasons, are concerned about what is in cupcakes with a shelf life of six months.  We have also entered an era of designer cupcakes where TV shows like “Cupcake Wars” have promoted upscale cupcakes and have bled off a key part of the market.  After all, who would want a Hostess Cupcake when you can pay four dollars for a customized one?  Perhaps too, lifelong cupcake-eaters my age are succumbing to clogged arteries and the like and taking themselves out of the market.

Of course, as a Christian, I need to be biblical in my understanding of this.  Those who follow “The Daniel Plan” and other Bible-based weight loss and healthy eating plans may be quick to say this demise is the work of a gracious and benevolent God.  Perhaps, in this view, an evil and unbiblical food is being eliminated by God?

If I, or other Christians, want to go on eating cupcakes our backs are up against the wall here.  I urgently need to come up with a reason to say Hostess Cupcakes are biblical.  Here is the best I can do:

In some of the older, more archaic, translations of the Bible when the angelic visitors come to Abraham he had Sarah prepare “little cakes.”  We need to set aside the more modern translations that leave out the word little and use the word “bread” as being ungodly works of men and conclude that this means she baked cupcakes.   What is more, in doing so she acted as a “hostess.”

Eureka!  We can conclude that Hostess Cupcakes are indeed Biblical.  Maybe we should ask Obama to bail them out.


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