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Bringing home the bacon

September 29, 2012

Well, I am sure you have been following the story.  We are now being told it is “inevitable” that there will be a world-wide bacon shortage next year.  The word is out and it appears that many people are already stocking up to avoid this horrifying calamity.  I am told that bacon freezes quite well, which we can all agree is providential.  The next step, obviously, is to find out who is to blame for this disaster.  Here are some theories:

  1. It is Obama’s fault.  He and his regulatory minions have so overloaded the businesses in the bacon supply chain with crushing paperwork burdens that there is little time left to raise pigs and turn them into bacon.  Clearly, the plan will lead to a government takeover of the bacon industry.
  2. It is Romney’s fault.  Through the nefarious Bain Capital and their venture capitalist cohorts they have engineered this shortage and are ranking in millions at the expense of middle class bacon-eaters.  The obvious next step in this dastardly plan is their goal to ship all the pigs to China and put the entire American pork industry out of work.
  3. It is Mayor Bloomberg’s fault.  He and his food police allies are determined to regulate the entire diet of all red-blooded Americans.  Their goal is to force us all to switch to soy bacon, a product that already exists but that has, inexplicably, failed to catch on.  We can expect to soon see NYC enforce a total ban on bacon within the city limits.

It would not surprise me to soon see Christians coming up with their own theories.  Could this be a harbinger of the end times?  Will the antichrist seize control of the bacon industry and demand we worship him to get some?  Alternatively, is it possible that the only people who will be able to eat bacon are those with enough faith to “name it and claim it” through the Holy Spirit?  Are Calvinists ready to shrug and say this was God’s will all along?  We may also need to fend off the attacks of atheists who question how a benevolent God could ever let this happen.

We live in a world where we have come to believe that nothing bad should ever happen.  The second half of this theory is that, if it does, we need to blame someone.  Blame always seems to fall into predicable patterns, we find the same villains in every situation.  But in our search for simple answers we do ourselves a disservice.  The economics of the bacon supply chain, and everything else, is complex.  There are many factors, most beyond the control of anyone, that influence the situation.  Coming up with easy villain-centered answers may seem fine but seldom is wise. 

As for God, is there truly anyone out there who feels He can explain God and His plans in this or any other situation?  As much as I might want to say what God is doing in this or in other more real and painful situations I am only kidding myself if I think I can.  There is nothing wrong is saying I don’t know.  My prayer is that my faith in God can withstand situations where I have no answers.  I’d like to think I can worship and trust God with or without bacon.

In closing, let me say that this is my 100th post on this blog and to thank those who have encouraged me as I write.  I have to admit that if you told me at the start that my 100th post would be about bacon I’d have looked at you like you were crazy.


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  1. david worley permalink

    Bacon isn’t something to be trifled or truffled with!

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