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OK, so now what?

August 3, 2012

Well, the results are in.  It seems that Chik-fil-a Appreciation Day was a rousing success.  The day broke all sales records for the restaurant chain.  We sure showed them didn’t we?  Millions of us were willing to stand on line for hours to eat a chicken sandwich for Jesus.  There can no longer be any doubt, there are millions of Christians willing and able to take a stand for something that matters to them.

So, fresh from our victory, what do we do now?  What are we going to take a stand for next?  Perhaps everyone who braved the summer heat for their symbolic sandwich could now donate an equal amount to a Christian charity such as World Vision to give thousands in famine-stricken countries a meal?  Or maybe we could go again on an ordinary day and take tens of thousands of sandwiches to local homeless shelters?

I am not critical of the millions of Christians who took part in that special day; I am rather dreaming about what else we can do if we are equally inspired.  I have this gnawing feeling that, with a little thought and an equal effort to what we collectively gave that day we can do something that shocks the world in a whole new way.

So now what?  What are we going to rally around next for the cause of Christ?


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  1. Good morning. You have brought forth some really good ideas here. This is an age when wickedness seems to make giant leaps forward at every turn. Where tolerance is exalted and truth is spoken evil of. The incredible success of the customer appreciation day was very encouraging.

  2. The Appreciation Day seemed somewhat akin to a flash mob, though at a more conservative speed. It was a one-time, small time-commitment, small monetary-commitment event that is attractive to our long-term-ministry-adverse culture. And we got a chikin sandwich out of it. Christian flash mobs for a worthy cause might be an interesting way to engage with our culture, drawing in those who otherwise would have nothing to do with Christianity.

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