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I have an idea

July 24, 2012

I have an idea on how we can solve the housing crisis.  We need to ban the HGTV show “House Hunters.”  That show and others like it are teaching a generation of home buyers that the only reasonable way to approach buying a home is to make obnoxious comments, unreasonable demands and insulting offers on the home you are looking at.  Frankly, if I was selling my home and all I could expect was a parade of such people I think I’d consider just burning it down.  The theme of the show is essentially that you can have everything you want exactly on your own terms and there is no need to care about the other guy.

To be fair, during the housing boom “House Hunters” did an equally good job of creating obnoxious sellers.  That was when they convinced sellers that it was perfectly fine to ask for a million dollars on a two-bedroom, one-bath bungalow that hadn’t been updated since Truman was President or cleaned in the last decade.  I could almost conclude that the show is aimed at preventing a recovery from the housing bubble that it helped create.

But the sad truth is that it just plays into our human weakness and desire to have life on our own terms.  Of course, we Christians are not going to fall for that are we?  We’d never create a “gospel” that turns faith into a magic wand to get exactly what we want, or God into a cosmic genie that has to do what we ask, or the Holy Spirit into a celestial GPS that sits on our shoulder and gives turn-by-turn directions for every step of our lives.

We’d never create a thousand denominations custom tailored from a menu of doctrines, many of which are not mentioned in the Bible.  We’d never have vicious fights with other Christians over issues that they early church fathers never heard of.  We’d never doubt the faith of other Christians who differ on points that are not mentioned in any of the great church councils.

We’d never question the faith of someone who is not radical; who will not sell everything and go somewhere.  We’d never try to make a guy who is just trying, through kindness and grace, to be a good husband and father, a good worker, a good neighbor feel that he somehow doesn’t measure up.

And of course, we’d never be obnoxious and insulting to unbelievers, fellow believers or anyone at all, would we?


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