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I’m worried about that

July 17, 2012

I was reading the other day that scientists in Alaska are worried that, as there is an increase in oil and gas exploration to meet growing demand, whales will find the seas there too noisy and it might change their migratory or mating habits.  They are worried about what might happen.  I did some research and some of those warning us are the same folks who warned us that completing the Alaska pipeline a generation ago might upset migrating caribou.  As it turned out, the caribou walk under the elevated pipeline without a care.

I’m not picking on the scientists, and it is good to care about such things, but it illustrates an important truth.  We worry about things all the time and, if we think about it, a good deal of our worries are about things that never come to pass.  Christians are far from immune to this.  Most of the political actions taken by Christians are in attempt to stave off eventualities from “the other side” that are in the “might” category.  We are fond of making dire predictions about the future of the faith, ignoring the unfounded yet dire predictions that litter Christian history.

On an individual basis we are no better.  We worry about our jobs, our health, our financial stability, and all aspects of our future.  Yes, sometimes these worries come true but, more often than not, they are about eventualities that never happen.  And yet, we go right on worrying.  Who knows how much time is spent in worry to know purpose?

A lot of times we are told to keep a prayer journal, where we write down our prayers and, later, can write down how God answered them.  It is a good idea if you have the discipline.  I’ve been wondering however if we might want to start worry journals.  We can write down the things that worry us and, later, record how often we were right to worry or, I suspect more frequently, were wrong.  I know for me, if I kept such a journal, it would reveal that I am pretty good and needless worry.

Bad things do happen.  It is good to take steps to prepare for eventualities.  But once I’ve done what I can do worry just sucks up my time and drains my energies.  So maybe the time of this article us wrong.  Maybe I shouldn’t worry about that.



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