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Vote for Jesus?

June 19, 2012

I’ve been following a web site for a little over a month now under the address of  The owner of the site, pointing out that all current Presidential candidates are “godless” is urging folks to write in Jesus as our candidate of choice.  A key feature of the site is a running total of the number of people who have signed up to vote for Jesus.  As of this morning the count was over 123,000, way more than double the number that was there a month ago.  It appears that, while they have not yet shown up in the national polls, Jesus voters are a fast-growing segment of the voting public.

I first heard about the site from another web site largely dedicated to proving that Christians are stupid.  That this site is actually run by Christians is somewhat puzzling as it seems to me that there are more than enough non-Christians out there, Bill Maher comes to mind, more than willing to assume this responsibility and they really don’t need any help from us.

My first response when I heard of it was a quick prayer “Oh God, please don’t let this site be from North Carolina!”  I quickly expanded it to pray that it not be from anywhere in the south.  I do get tired seeing how this type of mocking story always seems to be about the south.  It is not that I am yearning for a report ridiculing some screwball church of lobster handlers from Maine or anything, it is just that I get defensive about my adopted state and region.  For the record, the site in question is not from NC but is from the south.

News flash!  As I typed the first three paragraphs more than 40 people have signed up to vote for Jesus.  There is a good chance that before I finish it will be cross the 123,600 mark.

But what are we to actually make of this?  How does, or should, this speak to us as believers?  For one thing, we have a right and duty to express ourselves politically.  Inherent in this right is the assumption that our beliefs will impact our voting.  It annoys me that sometimes people seem too tell us that, since our beliefs are “religious” they have no place in the “secular” world.

However, I’ve decided not to vote for Jesus.  While it is surely true that President of the US is a large step down from High King of Heaven that is not the reason I am passing up this opportunity.  The fact that Jesus, when the crowds seemed ready to declare him king of Israel, had already passed up such a posting is instructive but not my reason either; nor is his pointed warning that “my Kingdom is not of this world” the critical factor.

I am content to wait for the day that “every knee shall bow.”  I am content to try and make the best choices I can among the candidates I have to choose from.  I’ve seen a lot of Presidents come and go.  Presidents, like everyone else, are weak and frail; some I have admired because of their faith and some I have not.  Some I have felt have done their job well, some have not.  Come what may, whomever we elect will be under the hand of a sovereign God.

I understand the longing expressed by those who are signing up to vote for Jesus.  Their desire is to have all things under our loving savior.  That day will come; we can be sure of it.  In the meantime I am not voting for him because he is busy…preparing a place for us where he will be our king forever.  I tend to think that, as I type this last sentence, that the 123,671 people who already plan to vote for him are really saying that they can hardly wait.


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  1. Leroy Mickelsen permalink

    Jesus is already our King. I vote for him as my King every day…the problem is that I loose focus of that throughout my day and end up making self-centered choices. I need a bit more practice at continually being in prayer, walking with Christ throughout the day, taking every thought captive, and waiting upon the Lord. May Christ be the King of me today.

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