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There’s an app for that…

April 14, 2012

Well folks, just when you think you have seen it all you realize you haven’t.  Now available as an iPad or iPhone app is your own “Personal Jesus.”  By downloading this app from the App Store you can get your own “speaking animated Jesus” who is ready to “deliver more than 200 quotes from the Bible directly to your iPad or iPhone.”  Before I go any further, lest you think I am kidding, you can see the web site offering this app here

The site promises that through the animated Jesus you can “start your day with a beautiful thought” or, if you prefer to use random mode you can “Surprise yourself with different quotes.”  We can also discover that “since Jesus is all around, you can watch him walking on water, having his last supper, being crucified or in heaven.”

But it gets better.  We also find that “since he is universal and personally done for you…pick his color!  White, Black, Asian or Celtic!”  You can see samples of Jesus in these colors on the web site.  I am a little curious, as an Irish-American, as to why the creators felt we Celts needed our own version of Jesus but I am afraid to ask.

So what can I say to add to what the site itself says?  Do I think it is silly?  Yes.  Did I get a good chuckle out of it?  Absolutely!  Am I offended by it?  Frankly, no. 

I have no reason to doubt that creators of the app truly want to bring the words of Christ to more people.  Grace calls me to respect their intent and effort and to pray for them.  I strongly suspect that out in the world there are people who will find this encouraging and be blessed by it.  There are already, as of this writing, 6,989 “likes” on their Facebook site.  While I am not personally edified by this app I have no reason to feel that others could not be.

For me the bottom line is this – get the name of Jesus out; get the Word of God out.  There are some who think my personal style of witness, conversations with the hard core unsaved, yields little fruit and is unproductive.  So be it.  Frankly, when you think about it, all evangelism is a little crazy.  The idea that the God of all creation wants a weak and fragile guy like me to be his spokesperson amazes me.

 So while I wouldn’t use “Personal Jesus” as my daily Bible reading I might be willing to download it to my iPhone to be ready to show it to others; that is if I actually had an iPhone.


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