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The Seven Dwarfs in me

March 22, 2012

I’ve always been puzzled by the way my mind works.  If there was a little “someone” in my head who is charge of the memory storage unit in my brain I’d like to have a serious chat with him.  He doesn’t seem to have a clue on which memories are important and which are not.  I find myself trying and failing to recall key facts from the past but still able to recall the names of Santa’s reindeer or the seven dwarfs.

I even know that, when the Snow White story was in its pre-Disney days, the names of the dwarfs were different.  I don’t recall all of those names but I know they rhymed with “stick.”  I mean, tell me, how useful did the memory guy in my head decide that information was going to be as I neared retirement?  But I was thinking, as a dropped off to sleep the last time, of those Disney name and an odd question occurred to me.  Which of those Disney names was the one that could most describe me? 

I have no idea why that question popped into my mind, maybe the memory-guy in my head was purging his files of things he thought useless, like the date of my anniversary, and this just fell out.  In any event, there I was thinking about the answer. 

As it turns out, I have a little of just about all of them.  It is spring in North Carolina so Sneezy is in fine form.  Jeepers, as I typed that last sentence my spell-checker told me there is no such word as “sneezy”.  Even the computer can’t remember those stupid names! 

I have a fair amount of “Sleepy” in me too but he tends not to show up when I need him.  I wish “Happy” was around more than he is and I feel a little guilty about that, like I ought to pause to count my blessings or something.  “Bashful” doesn’t come around as often as he should either but he is there.  It’s quite possible that “Dopey” might be the lead player of the bunch.  “Grumpy” is certainly there but I am not sure how much.  I’d ask my wife but I am afraid she might tell me the truth. 

And then there is “Doc.”  At first thought I was sure he was absent.  I don’t even find medical shows on TV all that interesting.  But the more I thought about it, he is there and maybe even stronger than I thought.  Doctors diagnose illness and try and cure them and I probably do that more than I realized.  I see things in the world; in politics, human nature and even faith and pronounce them ill.  Sadly, at this point Grumpy usually comes over to consult with Doc. 

If I let him have free run, Doc will diagnose all day and Grumpy will complain about it.  There is indeed an illness in the world and it is serious.  There are all sorts of symptoms.  It is called sin and I have a bad case of it too.  So bad is it that, in fact, all my diagnoses are probably wrong.  Perhaps I need to let Doc and Grumpy go and turn this over to the Great Physician. 



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