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I got nothing…

January 28, 2012

Some of you have asked me how I choose things to write about on this blog.  The process is really simple.  It starts by remembering my theme, grace.  I am looking for topics or events that speak to the issue of grace, or ungrace.  Then I keep my eyes open to the world around me personally, to the local and national news, to sports and to just about anything that interests me.

On some things I know what I want to say almost right away.  On others, while they interest or even fascinate me, I am not always sure what I want to say about them.  Or at the very least what polite and edifying things I can say about them.  I don’t want to simply rant.  With that in mind I put these into a file I call “Things to think about.”  My hope is that, after reflection, something will come to me

Of late that file has become somewhat cluttered.  I just can’t seem to formulate coherent comments on a bunch of them.  So, rather than waste all that thinking time I am putting some of them here and confessing that, when it comes to commentary, “I got nothing.”

If you have brilliant or insightful comments on any of these, let me know, perhaps we can arrange to have you do a guest post.

–        The pastor of a large church in Dallas, along with his wife, recently concluded 24 hours in bed on the roof of their church building.  Several televised interviews and not a few live video tie-ins with other churches were conducted from the bed.  The whole idea was to promote interest in their new book teaching us that sex is not just for procreation.

–        Another large church, this time in Seattle, was in the news recently for its use of a “Church Discipline Contract.”  In it the person who has sinned is required to sign a behavior contract that includes, among many other things, the requirement to “write out in detail” the history of his sinful behavior and share it with his small group leader.

–        Here in North Carolina, history was made at NC State with the performing of the world’s first total knee replacement surgery on a cat.  No word yet on the rehabilitation schedule.  The national news services have not yet picked up coverage on this medical breakthrough.

–        The Prohibition Party just concluded its nominating convention and has announced that Jack Fellure is its candidate for President.  The convention was held at the Holiday Inn Express in Cullman, Alabama which perhaps may be a good indicator that it is too soon for Jack to get quotes from moving companies on costs to move to the White House.  The party hopes to improve on their last effort to win the White House when they garnered 643 votes nationwide.

–        Pop singer Katy Perry’s mother has expressed strong interest, now that her daughter’s marriage to Russell Brand has collapsed, in fixing her daughter up to date Tim Tebow.  No word yet as to whether the two have made a connection.

–        God has apparently told Pat Robertson who will win the next presidential election, or so he tells us.  (Pat, not God.)  Sadly, Pat has chosen not to share this message us, but he did say that God didn’t like Obama’s policies.

As I said, “I got nothing.”  If you do, let me know.


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